Stockholm International Poetry Festival

Since 1997

Founded in 1997 and inaugurated by Tomas Tranströmer – Nobel laureate in literature 2011 – the Stockholm International Poetry Festival is an annual event organised by 10TAL. It is the single most recognised poetry festival in Scandinavia and the first international literature festival in Stockholm; a meeting point where hundreds of international poets have been introduced to Swedish readers and audience. 

The Stockholm International Poetry Festival aims to introduce the most relevant, engaging and innovative poetry being written in the world today. Hosted at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm City Theatre, Södra Teatern and the Royal Academy of Arts, the Stockholm International Poetry Festival springs from a wish to see poetry take on new shapes and directions by giving it a scenic expression. 

Stockholm International Poetry Festival opened in 1997 with a special poetry and music performance by Tomas Tranströmer, Krister Henriksson and the Fleshquartet together on stage.