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Voices for a new time – Editorial by Madeleine Grive

Translation into English: Sara Wengström In the darkness, which is female, my poem, a woman’s poem, takes off.     – Kim Hyesoon The goddess of love and passion, Eros, welcomes you to this issue of 10TAL: »South Korea – subversive literature and art«! The woman on the cover, photographed by the artist Park Youngsook, a well-known …

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Stockholm Poetry Festival

The Stockholm International Poetry Festival aims to introduce the most relevant, engaging and innovative poetry being written in the world today.


Editorial by Madeleine Grive

The re-enchantment of the world

Is it possible to speak about a movement of re-enchantment in our time?

Editorial by Madeleine Grive

Bad times for poetry

Should writers dedicate themselves to politics in their work? Can socially engaged poetry be good poetry other than in exceptional cases?