Stockholm International Poetry Festival 2017

Koleka Putuma. Photo Andy Mkosi

Stockholm International Poetry Festival 2017
November 24–26, The Nobel Museum

Hosted at the Nobel Museum in the Old Town, this year’s Stockholm International Poetry Festival goes under the theme Re-enchantment and Performance. During three days filled with seminars, readings and performances, we examine the question of the disenchantment of our time. What are the countermovements against what the sociologist Max Weber once described as the “disenchantment of the world”, in a time where science, rationality and digitalization are so highly valued at the expense of emotion, intuition and empathy?

Is re-enchantment possible?

The world is emptied of magic and meaning as it’s constantly inspected, measured and weighed, but poetry is the very opposite of the prosaic, everyday grey. Poetry will, this year again, be put to use as a counterforce to all forms of stagnation.

During the Stockholm International Poetry Festival, poets and performance artists from more than ten countries, as well as Swedish authors, actors, musicians and poets, come together. All writings are read in their original languages and interpreted in Swedish by acclaimed Swedish actors. Concurrent with the Poetry Festival, the Nobel Center is presenting Literary Revolt, an exhibition by the Spanish photographer Kim Manresa depicting twelve Nobel Prize Laureates who in different ways used their writing as a way to question, change and resist.


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Poetry Music Talks Party
November 24–26 at the Nobel Museum in Old Town
Every day 6-11 p.m.
Three enchanted days where the written word meets music, dance and theatre in innovative expressions.

Meet poets from Denmark, Iceland, Canada, Germany, Belgium, South Korea and South Africa who encounter Swedish authors, musicians, actors and other artists in unique, artistic performances. All texts are read in their original languages and interpreted in Swedish by acclaimed Swedish actors.

Friday Nov 24
– GRAND OPENING SHOW. The opening event of the Stockholm International Poetry Festival, with readings and music. Theme: Performance

Saturday Nov 25
– Enchanting readings by international and Swedish poets and authors. Theme: Re-enchantment

Sunday Nov 26
– Conversations with the poets attending the festival
– This year’s Mare Kandre Award is presented
– AKT UNG! The scene for young, Swedish poetry
– Afterparty at Scandic Malmen 11.30 p.m.

Every day 6-11 p.m. – Bars and Restaurant – Refreshments for sale

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Read about the participants, a selection of them, below. All participants and more about the Poetry Festival on our website

Friday, Nov 24
Saturday, Nov 25
Sunday, Nov 26